Dr. Schwartz is not currently taking new patients.


Dr. Schwartz is not currently taking new patients.

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Patient Experiences

“Dr. Howard Schwartz is a gifted practitioner. I’ve experienced him to be caring and empathetic, as well as relentless in his desire to uncover the root cause of my symptoms. His vast wisdom concerning matters of the heart, his grasp of functional medicine and knowledge of diagnostic resources uncovered the source of my issues and I can happily report I am symptom free. I am beyond grateful.”

~ Mindy Gorman-Plutzer

“It was a pleasure to find a doctor who spends time with his patient, believes in a holistic and preventive approach, quietly listens, views the patient/doctor relationship as a partnership, and provides thoughtful advice. This was my first visit with Dr. Schwartz and he made a positive impression on my wife and me. He gave us reflective counsel and peace-of-mind. Based on his sound advice, I will be doing a follow-up in a few weeks and believe I am in good hands.”

~ Peter B.

“He was very attentive to my concerns and looking to provide a complete answer to my issues. And unhurried. His assistant, Donna, was also very attentive, warm and helpful.

~ Ralph S.

“Dr. Schwartz is by far one of the most thorough Drs I have ever met. He takes the time to educate his patients on their condition in ways I have never really experienced. It is unfortunate that his methods are the exception rather than the rule. I think he should teach a class on proper patient care.”

~ Joanna W.

“It was great! Dr Schwartz was meticulous and patient. His exam and questions were thorough. His instructions and next steps were clear. He’s my new cardiologist!”

~ Kim D J.

“I thought Dr. Schwartz was great. He was very thorough and very personal at the same time. It was like the old days when the doctor actually knows who you are – not just a number.”

~ Steven L. 

“My first time visit. He spent one and half hour carefully asking all my concerns and history. What the other doctors did and what I liked and not liked about their treatment. He explained and educated in great detail. His examination is one of the kind, clearly different than the traditional medicine doctors.

~ Qiang Z.

“Dr Schwartz is a true professional. He took his time to listen to me and my concerns, answered all my questions and conducted a thorough exam.”

~ Milagros S.

“Dr. Schwartz was an accessible person who encourages patient self-knowledge.”

~ Stephen H.

“Dr Schwartz is thorough and caring. Took a long time examining me.”

“Dr. Schwartz is very easy to talk to. He doesn’t get upset when I told him I didn’t want to go on any hypertension meds. We worked on ways to lower BP naturally; however, my BP is very stubborn and relented after a few months. He explained the importance of lowering my BP and I just have to accept that I’m not perfect. Dr. Schwartz is knowledgable and caring and wants an excellent outcome for me. What more could I want?”

~ Joseph T.

“I was told by SEVERAL cardiologists that I would need an Ablation to correct rapid heartbeat problems. Dr. Schwartz reviewed my records for over an hour and also consulted with me for over an hour. He then put me on natural remedies to correct my problem, and I have not had an incidence of rapid heartbeat in over a year. I highly recommend Dr. Schwartz and his remarkable and caring staff!!!”

~ Adrienne G.

Dr. Schwartz is an excellent diagnostician. He really knows his stuff. He is able to figure out the problem. He knows medicine and also alternatives to medicine. He has been able to diagnose difficult issues when other doctors failed to do so.”

~ Judy W.

Dr. Schwartz was exactly the doctor you wish other doctors were. It was a relief to be in the presence of a competent, thorough, patient, and compassionate doctor. I tea rarely write reviews, but I felt it was worth it if it meant others could get the care they need.”

~ Jennifer G.

“Very professional and thorough. I finally found the doctor that I have been searching for.”

~ Sanford H.

“Dr. Schwartz spent a lot of time and did a thorough history and examination. He explained everything.”

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